by slasher
created Jul 31, 2014
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map notes
its my first map.


said Jul 31, 2014
I feel like this map has a pretty unique flow that could be really fun, but it's kinda annoying to playthrough without knowing the map. Enemies are placed very annoying, some of the platforming just feels very very slightly off so that it's kinda awkward. The colors are also a bit too vibrant for me in the background.

That being said I think if I play the map a bit more i'll like it quite a bit. Great for a first map

EDIT: Yeah this map definitely grew on me pretty strong, I'm liking it a good bit now :D
edited Jul 31, 2014
said Jul 31, 2014
said Jul 31, 2014
Pretty great, lovely visuals and a fun sense of flow. Two (fairly minor) things to improve on:Try to learn the camera. It's a bit of a pain, but there's quite a few blind drops (or drops where you weren't supposed to drop) here, which is frustrating. Zoom out a little. Also, don't have enemies that are missable, like the whirling totem here. If you don't hit it, it drops into a put with no way (or edging into it really awkwardly) to get it, costing you the S completion.
said Jul 31, 2014
I don't know if anyone else feels the same, but I'm not a super fan of that spiral bit where you HAVE to get a max speed boost or you lose.

Non-dustforce-super-pros like myself have a hard time hitting the ramp exactly right every single time.
said Jul 31, 2014
dat small totem doe
said Jul 31, 2014
Just came here to post and say you gotta playtest your maps man. This totem should have been obviously poorly placed in testing. Also, put deathzones in places where enemies can fall to, like the pit to the left, then the enemy dies when it runs off and the player isnt screwed by an unreachable enemy :|

Other than that, not a bad map. 4/5 without the small totem. Totem knocks it down to 3
edited Jul 31, 2014
said Jul 31, 2014
I'm sure it was intentional.
said Aug 1, 2014
EklipZ ,Yes I checked, I always check, possible this trick,and if it was even possible ss it
said Jul 31, 2014
its not a bad map; visuals are nice, the gameplay has its moments, but its a really annoying map to learn.  there are like 4 or 5 instances where you need a certain amount of speed to progress through, but its completely blind at first so theres no way of knowing
said Jul 31, 2014
Foreground and background both had wrecking balls taken through them for several hours. After that, wolves and totems were dropped, and turkeys decided to settle into the environment, enjoying the hole-yness of the area.

Beautiful map.

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