Cloud City

by Sir Useless
created Jul 30, 2014
244 views | 636 downloads

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map notes
This one should be very easy and more focused on movement than enemies (although there will still be a few enemies). Most of the spikes are just there to make things look nice ;)

Try not to fall down :3

Any feedback is as always very much appreciated! :D

Apparently flowers grow from bricks now.


said Jul 31, 2014
watch out when putting mansion dust and city dust (the latter in this case) on light-colored backgrounds as it can be difficult to see. there's a good reason all of the city levels have dark backgrounds.
Sir Useless
said Jul 31, 2014
I'll try to avoid doing that again :) Thank you for the comment.
said Jul 31, 2014
nice map dude
Sir Useless
said Jul 31, 2014
Thanks a lot :D I'm glad you like it.

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