Trash Bash

by leus
created Jul 26, 2014
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map notes
"Have those incinerators been fixed yet?"
"Some are working, but there's trash stuck in there now"
"Oh well, send someone to check on them."

This map was originally to feature on a Custom Map Race not long ago (can't remember which), but was rejected due to gameplay. Calistus had made the original map, which was nothing more than the core level, and looked ugly, so I offered to make it pretty. Also I should have published this a while ago (Cal gave me permission :D).

So, the idea of the map (and the gimmick) is to push trashcans and tires into the incinerators to remove them.

Bunch of notes:
-I added the incinerators cause trash vanishing into thin air seemed odd.
-The tire seen in the thumbnail can be a troll sometimes
-There's a secret in the level :)
-dustworth = ez mode :P.
-The flow of the map is mainly credited to Calistus, I just added the two tires to fill up a bit more :D
-plz give feedback :D (Mostly about the look of the map and the camera nodes)
edited Jul 27, 2014


said Jul 26, 2014
This is actually really fun. That last tire feels a little out of place, but it's still fun so it's ok.
said Jul 27, 2014
cool map, I like it
said Jul 27, 2014
Fun map! It looks very nice.
I liked a lot also the concept.
said Jul 27, 2014
I really like this map, but I can understand why it wouldn't be good for a CMR :P

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