Bbops Virtual Collection v2

by Bbop800
created Jul 23, 2014
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map notes
AKA Bbop's Awesome Special Mega Ultra Virtual Gems Collection Deluxe Rare Maximum Platinum Plutonium Edition The Squeakquel 2: Electric Boogaloo

(thanks guys in IRC for helping out with the name)

- - - - - -

Okay so it's basically all of my virtual maps put together and remastered (besides Colors in Space, for obvious reasons). Some changes to these maps include:

- Making the level slightly easier (reducing spikes in some areas, changing/replacing certain enemies, etc.)
- changing the fogs up to make it easier on the eyes
- adding little transitions between each map (duh)
- ...and probably some more stuff that i can't remember right now

To those who have played these maps already, enjoy the changes! To those who haven't... er... enjoy the challenge!
edited Sep 3, 2014


said Jul 23, 2014
Welcome to Version 2


- One missing deathzone added (yes, one)
- Made the sun a little redder and whiter
- Several grumpy people who probably played the old version added
edited Jul 23, 2014
said Jul 23, 2014
any% is what
said Jul 23, 2014
It's when you don't collect all the dust.
said Jul 23, 2014
The any% for this map is amazing.
said Jul 24, 2014
copying stuff from your own maps = legal map steal software??
said Jun 9, 2016
I love this a lot

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