by Metal Shadow
created Jul 18, 2014
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short virtual

map notes
A short map I made in a jiffy today. In the spirit of keeping with my favorite map i've made I kept this one pretty short.

Any criticism and feedback would be much appreciated!

Note: I did zero testing of this map with dustworth or dustkid as I felt that neither of them really needed testing. So if they feel awkward to play on here thats why.


said Jul 19, 2014
I quite liked it, the visuals could be a bit better imo, though very american :3

The map was fun to play and route, though the bunch of blocks with gaps in them that you have to boost over cause jorfcraps, you generally want to avoid those ;p
Metal Shadow
said Jul 19, 2014
Jorfcraps? I know what jorfing is but what are jorfcraps?
said Jul 19, 2014
Cool map! I actually liked the overlapping squares, gives the level a distinct look with minimal work :D
said Jul 19, 2014
This map has a 4th dimension to it.  Put on 3D glasses.

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