by Giamma
created Jul 11, 2014
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map notes
A quick small map I made today. It's very short but I'm too lazy to make a true map :/.

It's heavily inspired by the game Blek (, that I bought yesterday.
Hope you enjoy!


said Jul 11, 2014
Very fun, The map was less intrusive than it seemed with avoiding the black dots. I like the design and the series of inputs to do the fastest route feels really great to do.
said Jul 11, 2014
said Jul 11, 2014
Thanks! I was a bit worried about death zones.
The design of the map is based on Exa, the part after the drop and before the dustblocks. I modified it slightly and I added some parts. I'm not sure the feeling is the same, but it doesn't matter... I like when you have to press differtent keys very quickly.
edited Jul 11, 2014
said Jul 11, 2014
Compare my replay to the top replay, and you will see how bad I am at seeing things. Like, seriously, I didn't know that most of the dots were a different color from black..
said Jul 11, 2014
Is it bad that my favorite thing about it was how blatantly short it was.  Let me play around a bit with the routing, more then I would've been willing to for a long level.
said Jul 11, 2014
I was staring at the map for a few minutes and played through twice without seeing a way to get the prism on top, then watched a replay and they went right through a black circle!

Then I looked closer, and it's just a dark navy blue circle, which is TOTALLY different from black :P Knowing what is solid/empty/death is the single most important thing to do in level design, otherwise people never get to the fun part of actually being able to play it the way you intended!

It's a somewhat fun little level, but the death zones being so vague really hampers it. Most of my attempts were "okay so I guess THAT kills me... and THAT kills me too..." instead of really playing.
said Jul 11, 2014
I didn't notice the fact that some color dots are difficult to distinguish, sorry guys :(.
The death zones are placed only on the small black dots, if it helps. I used death zones because I didn't want visible spikes.

Anyway I think figure out what to do and how a map works is part of the fun.
And it's not a big problem for small maps like this one.
Think about this map like a sort of puzzle for the first tries.
edited Jul 11, 2014

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