by Decoyman
created Jun 2, 2014
338 views | 664 downloads

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map notes
First try at making a custom level


said Jun 2, 2014
Pretty good! It flows pretty well, and I like how open it is, allowing for any% experimenting.  A few things to improve on:

- Don't put spikes next to the starting location like that. Most people like to start out dashing to immediately gain full speed, but you can't do that here unless you first take a few steps back. It makes the beginning kind of awkward.

- Dustblocks are always tricky, but be sure to test them well. The climb upwards here is rather annoying.

- That deathzone underneath the gargoyles right after the dustblock climb is bad, there's no way of knowing it's there and kills people for trying the (obvious) skip of the bit of stonework.
said Jun 2, 2014
♥ New mapmakers~ hope you continue if it's fun for you!
said Jun 2, 2014
Can't see shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Probably not Towelie
said Jun 2, 2014
Dude don't scare them away
Also I can see everything just fine
said Jun 2, 2014
:D more people making maps.

Try not to put dust between checkpoint dust and checkpoint activation :P
said Jun 3, 2014
Thanks to every one who downloaded my map. My friend and I just got the game Saturday and I was just trying to make something that would piss him off xD. Didn't realize there was an active community that would play it. I'll look at the advice here next time I have time to make a map. Thanks again :D

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