Entangled Hallways

by fireball
created May 11, 2014
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map notes
This map was mostly just my first romp with the level editor, and I don't feel it's anything special, but I decided I might as well decorate and upload it as opposed to just scrapping it, if in the very least to see what the complaints are.  The level itself is wall climbing mixed with down hills into ceilings to ride all centralized in a relatively contained area.  Nothing new or exciting here.


said May 11, 2014
pretty well done as a first level!
said May 11, 2014
So many first levels around at the moment.

Fun map, I love zetta slides. Needs checkpoints, though.
said May 11, 2014
I had thought about checkpoints, the only issue being, it'd be annoying to have it anywhere beyond the flat area above the spawn because the rest of the level doesn't have any solid ground that you don't need flow to continue.  Probably should have still added one there so you could practice the end, but at the time decided it'd make more sense to just not have one, then only have one 2/3 into the level.
said May 11, 2014
a quick tip about zetta slides; don't put dust right at the beginning of the slide, where the ascending 45ยบ slope touches the flat ceiling. if one dashes right as they hit the slope the bottom dust gets skipped.

i did the same thing on my first map and it was a source of annoyance.
said May 11, 2014
Noted, I actually noticed that in testing once, but for whatever reason my brain said "bah I dashed late" instead of "probably should fix that".  Regardless, I'll fix it in later maps.
edited May 11, 2014
said May 11, 2014
Really good really fun make more immediately.

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