by Aydin
created May 7, 2014
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map notes
Second map! its a little bit harder than 9-Bit loops but im sure you can beat it! have Fun! Adapder17


said May 7, 2014
nice cup
said May 7, 2014
I don't get how you are supposed to do the prism jumping part, but it's a nice map nonetheless.
said May 7, 2014
watch replays. Were you aware that you can click the camera next to someones name on the leaderboard to see what they did? ^^
said May 7, 2014
Pretty colors. Tags are a bit misleading.
said May 7, 2014
why? do you mean the tag hard?
Probably not Towelie
said May 7, 2014
Ok heavy prisms are too close together and the spikes dont cover spots that you could heavy dust onto. the dust blocks are one block too wide and the end has dust blocks in places that you will miss if you super at spots that are too far off from the bottom. What I would recommend is to not have a prism jump sequence that is so easy to screw up like this one, it really annoys the crap out of me when I get the beginning down and then screw up by heavying two prisms which prevents me from getting high enough for the last few.
edited May 7, 2014

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