Tower Duster

by Damselfly
created Apr 25, 2014
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map notes
Grab your brooms! Dusty towers up ahead...


said Apr 25, 2014
No comments?!

Beautiful map in every aspect
said Apr 25, 2014
A comment, yay! Thanks (:
said Apr 25, 2014
Awesome! I really like the level design of taking the mansion theme and making it zetta-like in some places.
Captain Syrup
said Apr 25, 2014

I knew that secret looked... mappy.

Really a lot of fun I just wish I could do the whole thing without goofing something up.
said Apr 26, 2014
Really rad! Reminds me of the stock gold maps, quite long but fun enough to keep trying. Great stuff.

One minor comment though - if you're going to have an any% route, be sure the camera keeps up. Blind drops aren't that great. I'm not sure how you could've made this map without the death zones, but it's frustrating to go for a good time and find them everywhere.
said Apr 26, 2014
Glad you like it!

I went through it time and time again to try to get rid of anything that needed fixing but still managed to forget about the any% routes, never actually tested it. Will do my best to remember cameras for the any% routes from now on :)

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