Colors in Space

by Bbop800
created Apr 20, 2014
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map notes
Inspired by Magnetbrain's map:
edited Jun 5, 2014


said Apr 21, 2014
how do I boosted
said Apr 21, 2014
Very cool idea O.O

I don't like the triangle elevators and dust blocks being used throughout the map though, they're difficult :(
said Apr 21, 2014
Really really cool! And trippy °-°
Glad to see another map with this theme.
said Apr 21, 2014
The elevators really really suck. Otherwise, it's fine.
said Apr 21, 2014
If anyone is having trouble with the map, I recommend looking at my replay for reference.

However, I do agree that the dust elevators are dumb and I will avoid using them in future maps.
edited Aug 19, 2014
Captain Syrup
said Apr 21, 2014
Cool map. However, as I'm sure you're aware: Dust zippers are a crime punishable by death. Your sentence will be carried out at 5am (DFST) tomorrow morning. You have my condolences, and may God have mercy on your soul.
said Apr 21, 2014
Reminds me of what I was trying to do with Technicolor, but this does that way better. Neat.
said Apr 25, 2014
This map looks really cool but I had to resort to dustkid to cover my many mistakes to actually SS it :(

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