by Autority
created Apr 7, 2014
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map notes
Easy map.


said Apr 7, 2014
"Easy map." *tags it medium*
Captain Syrup
said Apr 7, 2014
As impressive with the aesthetics as ever, incredible work there. The map felt a bit unintuitive in places, just after the first ramp it's very hard to keep momentum, the diagonal bit of leaves right before the wall drop just feels out of place. Overall though the routing is sound and everything does work, just feel like it could use a bit more "fun." The one thing I would say you need to work on, is making sure the map is distinguishable from the background. the colors you have going here are VERY close together and I died multiple times to not being able to tell what was ground and what wasn't, which is nothing but frustrating.

Cool to see more maps out of you and to see you improve as you make them. Excited to see where you go next.
said Apr 7, 2014
Yeah the background has to be much more distinct from solid ground, lots of good looking maps have this issue.
said Apr 10, 2014
+1 to all points here, though I still enjoyed the map :)
said Apr 7, 2014
these ruins are pretty small, misleading title man
said Apr 7, 2014
I can't even tell where I'm going because the background and solid ground look identical
said Apr 8, 2014
My Any% is the best.
said Apr 8, 2014
I hate dustblocks...
said Apr 8, 2014
I like the map a lot, but this could really do with a camera. Looks and plays lovely nonetheless.
said Apr 8, 2014
there are multiple places where you can accidentally fall down to later points in the level, and have no way to get back. if your level proceeds downward you need to protect lower checkpoints from above with death zones or spikes or something.

there are also places where you can just fall out of the level altogether. that's definitely a bad thing.

don't put stuff that is in the character's path on layer 20. losing sight of your character might be cool for one or two thematic segments but its annoying when it happens regularly.

everyone already said this but you really need to make sure the background and foreground and midground are EASILY visually distinguishable. i very much do not like playing the "can i step on this" game.

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