Backup Shift Backwards

by Thth
created Feb 22, 2014
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map notes
These backwards maps only have the beginning and the end swapped, and death zones, triggers, and occasionally checkpoints edited as appropriate. These maps are meant to be exact replicas of the regular maps, and by principle, nothing is changed to accommodate the feasibility of these maps. (that's the point, please stop complaining)

However seemingly-impossible the map may be, the fun is in finding creative ways to complete a carbon copy of the original map reversed!

only completable maps will be published henceforth with at-most daily frequency

Backup Shift: apple% of gods

(two slime turkeys at the end so the fastest any% isn't just one super from the outside)
retagged Feb 22, 2014


said Feb 22, 2014
dont think it is possible to end. not even any%.
said Feb 22, 2014
hello sir have you heard the good word about apple our lord and savior
said Feb 22, 2014
it's possible
said Feb 23, 2014
jeah watched your run earlier today.. just WTF :D and jeah it is possible, but at least not for me ^^
said Feb 23, 2014
Whoa, that was impressive
said Feb 23, 2014
omg Sivade :O
said Feb 22, 2014
Hehe took me 15 minutes to get through the largest ring, then I figured I try the rest another time lol
said Feb 22, 2014
Oh god...
said Feb 24, 2014
Super Administrator
For these backwards map, I'd recommend an end zone instead of an end enemy.  That way to complete it you have to reach the spawn point, not just hit the enemy near spawn.  Otherwise you might accidentally be able to skip a lot of the map with a special (almost this one, but I guess not with both those enemies).
said Feb 24, 2014
Is there a way to use an end zone without rebuilding the entire map in Ramparts?

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