The City

by doicm
created Feb 15, 2014
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city long

map notes
This is the city.

Edit: Added a conspicuous piece of dust in Alleyway, which has now been removed. I don't plan on making any more changes to this.

Inspired by Ted's "The Forest". First map I've really made. Things were tested, and stuff looks good.

Please enjoy. Thanks to #dustforce on irc for all the tips, tricks, and general consolation, as well as the play testers who pointed out the details that I missed..

P.S.- Just to reassure, SS is possible. Dustblocks seem to be the key.
edited Feb 16, 2014


said Feb 16, 2014
This is really well done, just like Ted's forest map. You made the levels transition very well between one another. I have to say, it's nice to have a super at the end of the Hideout section so that I can exact my revenge on those two trash golems.

One minor complaint that I have is the transition from Construction Site to Alleyway. The drop has 3 dustblocks on the way down. Two of them are two tiles wide, while the third one is four tiles wide. On my first run though, I missed dust on the four tile wide block. On my second run through, I somehow manged to not lose my combo up until that same exact point, then I missed the same dust again and had to double back and ended up wasting my super to go back for the dust. Either way, I'm terrible at falling in straight lines in Dustforce, so I just wish the particular dust block was smaller.
said Feb 16, 2014
Much appreciated. Super was intentional, since I imagine people dream of having a super there.

Also, regarding the 4-wide dust blocks, I recognize i should've kept that at 2. I think was fixated on matching the width of the gap with the number of dustblocks.
said Dec 23, 2014
oh god, I would have force people to use their super before entering hideout just to be a dick.
said Feb 16, 2014
Great work.
p.s. that any% route though...
said Feb 16, 2014
the any% is like a how-to video for making apple juice with feather dusters
said Feb 25, 2014
7itay = :- voxanimus = :-- Giamma = 8-- Madtato = 8========D
said Mar 15, 2014
What the fuck?
said Feb 16, 2014
Really great work!
said Feb 16, 2014
The only thing I dislike are the blind drops into easily missable dustblocks before Alleyway and Basement. Awesome work in any case.
said Feb 17, 2014
construction site should have been the final raidboss map
Captain Syrup
said Feb 18, 2014
Awwww shit niggggaaa. This what we been waitin' on!

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