Glass Tower

by thinkTank
created Feb 6, 2014
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map notes
retagged Feb 6, 2014


said Feb 6, 2014
i don't like the fact that some prisms are close to each other and can be hit by the same light/heavy... other than that nice map :)
said Feb 6, 2014
Why am I getting aircharges back out of nowhere toward the end? I found that by accident. Oo

Also, great map thinkTank. Lots of ways to improve times, even if they're flukes lol.

Edit: Even though this is going to be dominated by dustworth at some point, I've just gotta say from a gameplay perspective this is definitely one of my top 3 favorite maps. Its ridiculously deep, and there are so many time savers that I can't stop playing it. So good.
edited Feb 6, 2014
said Feb 6, 2014
I just saw that. How the hell...
said Feb 6, 2014
I think I figured out what happened there. You landed on top on the dustblock you were climbing up as you were doing the up light, and jumped off before the platform finished disappearing.
said Feb 6, 2014
Yeah Kuro was saying the same thing, it still feels really bazaar lol.
said Feb 7, 2014
imo it feels supermarket.
said Feb 7, 2014
Really cool, great how open to interpretation it is
said Jun 20, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful challenges in your levels.

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