Castle escape

by SCNickNamer
created Jan 28, 2014
365 views | 655 downloads

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map notes
First map made by me, SCNickNamer. It features a mansion in which you are imprisoned and you must escape. Fun and easy-medium level. Took me 4 hours to complete.
edited Jan 28, 2014


said Jan 28, 2014
Nice map! The only part I didn't like is the drop before the "garden" because you can't see where do you go and it's full of spikes. I think you should use a larger camera in these cases.
said Jan 28, 2014
Thanks, I already thought of that drop to be a bit tricky, I'll have a look what a larger camera area can do to increase the fun.
said Jan 28, 2014
great first map!
said Jan 28, 2014
said Jan 28, 2014
Wow pretty damn good for a first level. One of the more legit maps I've played in a while.
said Jan 29, 2014
Thanks Seight,
said Jan 29, 2014
Blind drops kind of suck. You might want to add check points for something like that big blind jump. Didn't really like the garden part. It destroyed the theme of the level. Just going straight into the 2 knights at the end would have been fine. Imo, better than your 2nd lol.
said Jan 29, 2014
Thanks for the comment, I already have a rework of the map including a bigger camera angle and an extra checkpoint at the blind drop, but I'm doing a bit of remodeling of the scenery before I upload it again.
Yeah I noticed, the second map didn't turn out what I expected it to do. But we can't win them all can we.
said Feb 18, 2014
Hard to believe this is a first map

You looked like you were a seasoned veteran at this point
Nice map dude
said Jun 20, 2023
Your levels make the game even more rewarding.

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