by Giamma
created Jan 25, 2014
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map notes
Made around dustman/dustgirl, other characters are not a good choice for this map.
The map is built around the idea to attack the dustblocks instead slide them. Watch my replay to see how the map should be played, if you have some troubles.

Thanks to Furkiepurkie and Superkid for testing the map. And also Seight that tested an older and different version of the map.
edited Jun 14, 2014


said Jan 25, 2014
that is such a great visual idea

map's cool too once you figure it out
said Jan 25, 2014
The inspiration is a screen of a game called Future Wars Travellers Time.
(a game that I never played, but that screen is awesome)

And yep the map could be a bit confusing and probably it feels awkward the first times...I'll make a replay that shows how it was intended.
edited Jun 18, 2014
said Jan 25, 2014
I don't think it fits as a race map, but i wasn't part of this race so my opinion isn't all that valid.
said Jan 25, 2014
I was wondering when you were gonna release this. Wasn't sure if I liked this version at first, but after playing it longer this version grew on me. Really enjoying now.
said Jan 26, 2014
Glad that you enjoyed the map!
 I no longer asked you to test the map because you usually participate at CMR :P

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