Excavation Team

by Probably not Towelie
created Jan 7, 2014
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map notes
Kind of a sequel to spelunking I give you Excavation Team. You are part of a team that is in the process of uncovering ancient ruins that hold secrets of enchanted animals and the like. Be careful.

Thanks to Shurykan and Superkid for testing :)

Just so you fellas know, I'd put this level at a silver key difficulty. You must be able to know when you dash or jump in the air to land on the right area of the wall. You also have to be at least decent with small jumps (dashing at the very end to get the most boost). It is by no means a difficult level, if you have too much trouble with it, I'd recommend playing through my other level Skills. It should give you a general idea of how to beat pretty much any map I've ever posted on here. If you can SS that one, you can SS any of my levels. Just a helpful tip.
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said Jan 7, 2014
easy 5/5
i love the gameplay and the background is awesome!
said Jan 7, 2014
Man every time I play one of your maps I am motivated to resume working on my own...but then I realize I have no time ;_;. Solid level as always.
Probably not Towelie
said Jan 7, 2014
Just do it! ✔
said Jan 7, 2014
so many of these :( i have a map i've been working on for as long as Ted worked on Forest and mine isn't even 1/10th as long
said Jan 14, 2014
Really fun and challenging. Should have played Dustworth from the start. xD

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