Burned Dreams

by Kuroonehalf
created Dec 25, 2013
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map notes
New map, this time a little bit on the hard side. It's not so bad if you've played my previous maps and have the mechanics down but otherwise it can be.

I exploit two somewhat unused mechanics a little bit in this map, one having to do with the apple and another having to do with the first checkpoint climbing section. If you find yourself having troubles on that climbing part, check the little guy's advice, it can help you out.

Couldn't come up with an original design so I sorta ripped off Inner Core.

Thanks to Seight for playtesting.

ps: Sorry about the map being terror for the other characters. ;u;
edited Dec 25, 2013


said Dec 25, 2013
Ah yes, these satisfying backward swipes, pretty much a Kuromap. I feel bad for leaving Dustmaid behind though.

I also feel bad for turning our Asian decent, Dustkid, into a masochistic young girl with an obsession for tight spikes.
said Dec 26, 2013
Dustkid whiffs the ending.
Gets spiked.
Returns to maid.
Everyone dies in a fire.
said Dec 26, 2013
I feel like you made the spike hallways WAAAAYYY too narrow. Especially the one after the first checkpoint, it's atrociously broken half the time due to gliding over spikes suddenly shifting your position, and the ridiculous pixel precision required to get between the gaps.
said Dec 26, 2013
Are you pressing left? If you do it the intended way it's fairly consistent I think.

Sorry if it's not fun. <:c
said Dec 26, 2013
As far as I can tell I'm doing it how you wanted it. Jump off the wall bit, light attack right once to set default attack direction to right, and then you can just press jump and heavy attack repeatedly and you'll automatically move and attack in the correct directions.

The timing was is just really weird and the narrowness of it all doesn't give any leeway.
said Dec 27, 2013
But I made these specific bigger rectangle holes for you to heavy in http://i.snag.gy/q8Kr2.jpg

Maybe you're not getting enough height from the wall jump? Make sure you double jump before it and hold up-right while on it. That should propel you with the most height.
said Jan 2, 2014
Super Administrator
omg I never thought I'd beat this.  The apple part confused me so much.

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