Sunny Day

by Sivade
created Nov 18, 2013
345 views | 793 downloads

/ 16 votes

/ 9 votes

map notes
I made this map as a bit of an experiment because all I've made so far are virtual maps. The decoration/background may be a bit light or odd but I gave it a little try.

It's a really easy map as well which is a change from my previous maps. Also there are 2 hidden goals.


said Nov 18, 2013
Very fun to speedrun.

EDIT: Those trollvotes ._.
said Nov 18, 2013
Yeah seriously what's with the 1 flame ratings? There's at least 5 different places you can die on the map.
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 18, 2013
Yay it's flowy and stuff :) I liked it, I think we just need to worry about the comments from now on, doesn't matter if your map is good people will downvote for no reason. Keep making these kinds of maps! :)
said Nov 18, 2013
Thanks. It has better votes so far than I expected so I will definitely try making another normal map after I finish my next virtual map.
edited Nov 18, 2013
said Nov 18, 2013
Keep in mind that 1 flame isn't necessarily a bad thing.  4/5 stars and 1 flame from me.  (you have to really wow me to get 5 stars, sorry).

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