Dustman Branches

by Riokaii
created May 18, 2013
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map notes
Map was designed entirely around dustman and the self-completeing map concept. Magnet's map gave me the idea for the self completeing map, that branches into multiple routes depending on the keys you press.

I plan to make a much longer map, that will have different sections that work for all characters instead of just dustman, but this alone took WAY too much work.

Hold just right, up+right, or down+right for different paths. it should also be pretty fun to speedrun so there's that.

A bit of a free map for the race, but after spending so much time on this i couldn't really make anything else worthwhile


said May 18, 2013
i held right but went past the prism and died???? bad map F-
said May 18, 2013
I do love your expansion on my idea, with making a map where multiple paths are possible depending on what keys are pressed.

I was thinking maybe make a map with no dust whatsoever, and have multiple finish flags (placed similarly to the one on http://atlas.dustforce.com/781/downhill-dash-macro ), so you can either complete with absolutely no extra player input (such as a light attack), or speedrun it. Either way, it's an SS no matter what path you take.

Also, a multi-path map with paths that are entirely separated (except for the central 'hub'), with an S ranking being compulsory (unless you feck up) would be a really badass idea.
edited May 18, 2013
said May 18, 2013
So many cool paths for speed running. I really like these ~10 second skill maps you've been making. Good stuff!
edited May 19, 2013

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