Ancient Balcony

by Riokaii
created Mar 3, 2013
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map notes
2nd crossover map!

This time! Ancient Garden-Mansion edition!

I got some feedback that people wished the levels became slightly harder rather then still fairly easy, So this time i chose a gold level, added some more spikes in places, and added a harder enemy at the end. Hope you like it!


said Mar 3, 2013
I suggest not adjusting the stock maps but recreating them instead. I know that it requires more work to do so but adjusting stock maps has the known bug of still granting keys which can be troublesome for players who are still trying to get them.
said Mar 3, 2013
wait does it really? it must not give them to me since i've unlocked all the doors or something.  because even though it gives me a key in the level, once im in the nexus i don't have one.

This level also appears to have bugged and i can only get A/S even though i've looked and cant find any extra dust
Probably not Towelie
said Mar 3, 2013
Cant find the last piece of dust :,(
said Mar 3, 2013
You not having the key is because of the A/S. The key progress still actually is there ;3
said Mar 3, 2013
even on the other level, i did not get a key, but I SS'ed it and the "you got a key!" thing sitll popped up
said Mar 3, 2013
the laste piece of dust is a gargoyle you placed inside a wall
edit: under the first gargoyle delete the wall/ground and you find it
said Mar 3, 2013
well, not sure how that managed to happen, but good find. I'm not gonna bother r-uploading it at this point
said Mar 3, 2013
You should at least try to modify the route a little bit. More spikes aren't exactly a significant change and I didn't even notice them if you hadn't pointed it out.
said Mar 3, 2013
i can confirm that this level does indeed give you a red key if you don't have all of them. yay now i can skip hideout wooo
said Mar 4, 2013
Thanks to this level, I can now shortcut trought the gold door levels I still have to complete and get to the Difficult maps faster. Thanks mate!

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