by Riokaii
created Mar 2, 2013
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map notes
Decided to see what it would be like if some of the base levels were part of other areas. So i present to you- Grass cave-City Edition!

I tried to keep as true to the original as possible while still using only the city monsters etc.

Lemme know what you think! Might do more in the future!


said Mar 2, 2013
very similar with a forest map...
said Mar 2, 2013
Dusk run?
said Mar 2, 2013
shoulda named it city run lol
said Mar 2, 2013
You should have just made it virtual and called it "Glass Caves".
said Mar 2, 2013
this guy!
Kaiser Cat
said Mar 2, 2013
I got a key after SSing this.
said Mar 2, 2013
Super clever! And yeah what's with the key for SSing?
said Mar 2, 2013
it might have been made using the original map template, hence carrying over the key property.

anyway, this is a really cool idea! one comment, though. the light mid- and backgrounds make the city-type dust (garbage, i guess) difficult to see in some places. most city levels have a dark background for that reason.
edited Mar 2, 2013
said Mar 2, 2013
yeah i used the original level for ease-of-recreation, rather then screenshotting and making sure i had all the dust and walls etc. placed in a whole new map.

 Yeah particularly the light-brown background with the trash dust it can be harder to see, will work on that in the future
said Mar 3, 2013
It'd be nice that you re-made gold key maps so I don't have to do Hideout and Core temple lol.

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