by Marfinator
created Dec 29, 2012
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map notes
This is the sequel to my other map Cotton candy.

The gimmick for this map is to try and figure out which attack would be best for a certain area or which dust blocks you should hit first in order to proceed.

Unlike Cotton candy, I gave this level a healthy dose of checkpoints. Quite a few of them are in the air and result in death fairly quickly if you don't react, but I feel this should quell any complaints about checkpoints than in the previous map.

Similar to Cotton candy, this level was designed solely around Dustman again. It certainly is possible with Dustgirl as well. As for Dustkid and Dustworth, the level becomes a lot harder in certain areas do to their attacks or jump arcs.

Finally, there is another hidden any% route that can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to otherwise SS the level. This time however it won't screw over SS runs like in Cotton candy.

One very last thing, I put Gordon in the level somewhere as well.
retagged Nov 27, 2014


said Dec 29, 2012
There are boys in the yard!
said Dec 30, 2012
Wow this map is amazing.  Wish I saw it earlier, so I could play more before I go to sleep xD.
said Dec 30, 2012
Extremely hard... Challenge accepted!
said Dec 30, 2012
Finally SSd it, however my run is very sloppy since I used a lot of safe srats. Overall good map although some of the jumps were too pixel perfect for my taste :p.
said Dec 30, 2012
Went back and SS'd it today, first place for now :P.  I enjoyed the level a lot (I enjoyed cotton candy too).  Only minor complaint is that the any% route is cool, but I feel like using the checkpoints to skip the entire map is kinda overdone.  There are a lot of interesting skips in the "actual" map that are more rewarding to pull off imo.
said Dec 30, 2012
I really should've left out the any% checkpoint route. I just like making secret routes for any% when I make a map though. I really should've at least waited when doing my run, since the route is suppose to be cryptic and hidden.

While not intentional, the level itself does has some pretty good spots for a real any% run.
said Dec 30, 2012
Finally SS'd it, lots of fun and hard.
said Jan 1, 2013
Greenman joins the boards. a very sloppy greenman, but a greenman nonetheless.
Also I was really looking forward to any%ing this level, when i saw the fastest route, which is just complete bull imo, it's a neat idea but please don't do it as it's simply not fun to do, especially in a map with so much any% potential.
said Jan 5, 2013
Super Administrator
I really like the generous use of checkpoints.  Gives us non-pros the ability to enjoy the full map.
said Jan 6, 2013
Brilliant level dude, now my favorite custom map. I challenge everyone to take my 1st place. :p

edit: And Thor beat me. :p
edited Jan 8, 2013
said Jan 18, 2013
ug, too damn hard for me, I'm not masochistic...

said Feb 2, 2013
difficult, fun, accurate description. helps to learn how to take advantage of certain attacks
said Oct 20, 2015
Great challenge. Not quite stupid hard but right under that level. Probably the hardest community map for me to SS

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