by czulki
created Dec 24, 2012
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map notes
EDIT2: sorry for all the reuploads I keep overlooking important fixes.
EDIT: had to reupload to fix some badly placed platforms.

Quick lil thing I put together today.

Just a collection of different gimmicky jumps which I never got to use in any of my maps. Some of them were taken/inspired from other levels. Its not designed as a pure speedrunning map since its impossible to get SS [although feel free to finish it as fast as possible!].

The maps plays differently depending on which character you use[duh]:

dustman/dustgirl - regular difficulty
dustworth - easy difficulty (some of the jumps are easier to perform)
dustkid - easy difficulty (can skip some of the jumps)

If you are stuck on a jump try "talking" to one of the characters to get some "useful" hints.

Lastly, keep in mind that this is more or less just a "4fun" map
edited Dec 25, 2012


said Dec 25, 2012
awwww, at the sole trashcan I started hitting him so I move forward... and then I kept falling down because there was no deadzone :( (and need a restart). However, it's great fun czulki thanks :D
said Dec 25, 2012
Yeah sorry about that, to be honest I didn't pay much attention to dead zones. If you jump left at the start of the map you will keep falling too since I forgot to put a dead zone there. Also, as it turns out,  I didn't playtest the map with dustkid enough since she can skip a lot of the jumps, oh well :p.
edited Dec 25, 2012

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