Pinata Party

by Spiraler
created May 26
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map notes
Happy Birthday to hgt and 52pickup (and me)!

I made this map in about 5 hours total I think. Anyway what kind of birthday party would this be without a piñata? And since this is my party the piñata is shaped as my number one favorite dustforce thing -- the tire! Looks like this tire is full of some candy but sadly the candy is very bad for your teeth so I would suggest avoiding it. But hey, all your best friends from the npc prop menu are here to watch you hit your fun piñata, so enjoy this special day.

As with all scripts I write feel free to use this however you see fit:

Important note: open the editor and replace the disable special trigger with a max special trigger for a fun bonus prize!
edited May 27


said May 27
Happy birthday!
said May 28
tired of getting hit

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