The Hell Climb

by dcbc1000
created Feb 12
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map notes
glhf. Hard-map. Mainly tested with worth. Play other characters at your own risk. Intentional softlocks. Deliberate oob path. Fun. Disables Direction at one point. Oh and optional apples if you enjoy that.

Stole fog triggers from (in order of appearance):
Zetta Difficult
Atomium by Kuitar (in CMJ 5)
Ramen by Kau
exec func ruin user

Edit: Reupload because of no-direction script bug that makes it not work if the player has died.
retagged Feb 13


said Feb 12
this map is so dogshit
said Feb 13
hes not wrong
said Feb 13
Fun fact, This was the first map that I didn't add dumb hard shit just because. I actually tried to make it fun. Probably made it even worse, sorry. I spend so much time grinding minimums and clunk as worth, I kind of forget that kind of gameplay isn't for everyone. To be fair, I find boost maps boring and apple stalling frustrating, so it goes both ways, I guess. I don't think there is a single section in this that I don't enjoy, personally, but it kind of sucks that everyone else hates it. I do try to make good maps, but it seems everything I make is kind of bad somehow anyway.
edited Feb 13
said Feb 15
hello climb

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