by Spiraler
created Aug 20, 2023
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map notes
Whoops I ended up back in the rotating equilateral triangle dimension again, hate when that happens. Supposedly if you have pure thoughts untainted by the decadence of society you won't end up here but that's effort. I actually like the rotating equilateral triangles anyway, so maybe I should let my thoughts be corrupted.

This map was made for the 6th custom map jam for which the theme was avant garde and this is what I made for it, I hope it's cool and not just horrible and hard to look at. There are three apples, try your best to find them without cheating (I will know if you cheat).

I made a script for this that just draws the triangles, you can find it here and I guess you can use it if you just really wanted to rotate some equilateral triangles.
edited Aug 20, 2023


said Aug 21, 2023
cant see shit
said Aug 21, 2023

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