Th Frst

by BigDiesel
created Jun 24, 2023
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map notes
Compilation map made for CMR 64! Idea to make a vanilla compilation map where every level only got a small segment was suggested by arb earlier this week, and it felt like something that I could have fun putting together before the CMR. Big thanks to Skyhawk for teaching me how to use MapUtils, and for giving general feedback and suggestions on just about everything else <3
retagged Jun 24, 2023


said Jun 24, 2023
i kept trying to do the next part of whatever map i was in and not reacting to the map changing at the right time Lol, but it was still a fun map!
edited Jun 24, 2023
said Jun 25, 2023
Nice, now I can't wait for the rest of this series lol

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