Venice Simulator

by Spiraler
created May 28, 2023
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map notes
Any civ 5 fans in the chat? The great Enrico Dandolo has decided that you are his only competent family member so he's leaving the empire to you. Luckily, you've played civ 5 before, you know the strats, puppet all the city states you can simple as. Easiest science vic I've ever seen, personally. Just have to hope no one declares war on you before you really get started because having only one real city is pretty vulnerable.

For those who have not played civ 5, the purple and white are the color scheme of Venice in that game, and their main ability is being able to buy city states as puppets in lieu of being able to settle your own cities.

This map was made for the fifth custom map jam, for which the theme was Europe, and Venice is my favorite European civ so that's why I chose it. The script is here:
edited May 28, 2023

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said May 28, 2023
Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?

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