Upward Movement

by Juney-Blues
created Mar 2
141 views | 398 downloads

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map notes
Re-Upload because i accidentally made the name too long last time and it broke the leaderboard lmao
(between you and me this level is still called "Upward Movement (Dustman Owns), alright? >:3"

Vibes very much inspired by Dave Strider's apartment complex, you even enter the medium near the end of the level! isn't that neat?


said Mar 2
Pretty cool map! Sadly, the name's too short, so I can see how much better everyone else is on the leaderboard :(
said Mar 3
Strong first map :D. Hope to see more from you.
Also, if you're not already maybe consider joining the dustforce discord. There's a mapmaking channel, and lots of people to talk to if you're ever looking for feedback of upcoming maps. There's also a big upcoming team based community event where mapmakers and players of all skill levels are encouraged to join.

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