Castle at Dusk

by BatElite
created Nov 28, 2012
421 views | 713 downloads

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map notes
Someone in the room next to you is making a lot of noise, you should do something about that.

I think I waited far too long with publishing this, but here it is anyway.
The map is very long or takes long to complete. A certain part is not built for dustkid or dustworth, but they should both be able to finish the level.

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said Nov 28, 2012
Nice, really challenging map. The flow is really good (a bit odd sometimes) and you took time to add the decorations, I'll definitely come back to this and SS it.
said Nov 28, 2012
This is a really nice looking level.  Some sections require a bit too much pixel-perfect precision for my taste, but I can't knock you for that!  Great job!  Oh, and I like the hot air balloon.
said Nov 29, 2012
Very fun and interesting map with great segments. It doesn't feel like it drags on, but it's of a very satisfying length. My only complaint is some segments are a little hard... in an inappropriate way, if it makes sense.
said Dec 1, 2012
Visually the level looks great. Personally I dislike dust adjacent to spikes, it leaves very little room for maneuvering. Other than that the level was good but really hard :p
said Dec 2, 2012
Finally SS'd this level.  Went ultra-safe and ultra-slow though :P.
said Jun 26, 2023
Thanks to your levels, the game is full of adventure and excitement. Thank you!

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