Trick or Sweep

by Spiraler
created Oct 31, 2022
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map notes
Happy Halloween everyone! I know I teased this in the discord a few times and now it's here, genuinely surprised I got it out on time.

Thank you to eponn for gameplay testing, there use to be more backtracking. Thank you to jdude and miles for other testing. Credit to Mario Party 2 and Undertale for the custom music and sound effect in the level, respectively. Textbox background is my own design.

I always liked trick-or-treating as a kid. Not only did I always like candy and such but it was also one of few times I got to hang out with the other kids my age in the neighborhood, and also the costumes were a fun time. Now the magic comes to dustforce (hopefully). I don't have a story to type here like most of my maps so just imagine something for Halloween and hopefully the map has a story of its own here. There is one apple, good luck getting it.

Scripts can be found here: as with always feel free to use them especially the textbox one which is not very complete to be used on its own at the moment but at least has the important functionality.

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said Oct 31, 2022

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