Event Horizon

by Spiraler
created Aug 16, 2022
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map notes
Where we're going, we don't need eyes to see. Music ON.

If you have seen the movie Event Horizon (1997) you will understand this map. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend it it's pretty good and also this map will make much more sense if you have seen it. It's not required by any means though. But also you should it's a pretty good horror movie. This is also a spiritual successor to another map I made a while back, Dust 2.

There is one (1) apple.

Oh yeah there's also a special thing for 2P. If you're playing with two people there's an extra special script. That's probably better than the actual map is. Up to you really. Anyway the extra special 2P script is meant to tie in with DLC week 4. You'll understand why. Shoutout to Northgate for encouraging me to make it, probably wouldn't have done it without.

The scripts for this level can both be found on my github.
Singleplayer script: https://github.com/Spiraler/Dustmod-Scripts/blob/main/moon.as
Multiplayer script: https://github.com/Spiraler/Dustmod-Scripts/blob/main/battleship.as
retagged Aug 16, 2022


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