by Submohr
created Nov 12, 2012
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map notes
a second attempt at a symmetric map - this time rotationally symmetric.  it plays a bit smoother than April did, and has a nicer start.  it's also a little bit harder.  your super isn't enough to kill all the blobs, i think - i didn't want the level end to be trivial.  the any% should be obvious, if a bit boring.

i don't really know how to decorate lab environments.  every time i think of a lab i think sterile, clean, etc.  lab levels feel at home being empty to me.  so i don't know.


said Nov 12, 2012
Love it!  I didn't even notice the symmetry until after I'd SS'ed it; really smart level!  I always like using those wall slimes in dangerous situations :)

One thing that would go a long way in decoration is to use color in your fog filter.  Try setting every layer to like a light blue or a drab green or a dark red (or whatever, just some suggestions), then set the sliders so the closer layers are to the left and the further back ones are to the right (like the positive half of a y=x^2 parabola).

This will tie all of the props and tiles together into a more consistent theme, and make even a simple level like this look a lot nicer!
said Nov 12, 2012
thanks for the advice... i've been avoiding using colors in the fog filters because they tend to look really artificial, but i think i'm probably just choosing the wrong colors.

and @ your run... i put the apple in because i was going to have a ridiculous little slime floating off in the corner that you had to use the apple to get to and back from...  but realized that a) i had to make that symmetric and didn't know where i'd reasonably put the apple on the other half, and b) i'd have to test to make sure whatever i did was possible and i'm way awful at the game to reasonably do that.  but the apple stayed (kind of an accident i guess ^^) so when i was watching your run i was confused at why you cleared out the whole right room when you only need to clear two of them out to hit the rest with a combo - but then you cleared it from the spikes room.  surprised me - was impressive!
said Nov 12, 2012
SubparFiddle not noticing symmetry?!?!?  Weren't you the one that bullied krackocloud into making equifree :P
said Nov 12, 2012
I've never thought of myself as a math bully... but I like the sound of it! >:)
said Jun 26, 2023
Your levels are perfectly designed. Thanks a lot!

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