super office cleaner

by xil
created Nov 8, 2012
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map notes
You have been contracted to clean an office but you are very, VERY late. Sweep up maintenance, some work stations, the server room and  trash disposal then get to your boss.

The only trouble being that your boss is in the building next door! Time for a daredevil jump down the elevator shaft and through some windows to get to your boss in time.

Let's hope you're not late, I wouldn't want to see what you would do to your boss if after all that he still fires you!


said Nov 8, 2012
I liked the little story, the boss made me smile. The level itself looks great, but is gameplay wise not that interesting - it's a few tight corridors, and then a drop and a jump; I didn't like how you had to have your super if you're not Dustworth, meaning that any% runs are practically impossible due to the low amounts of dust. That said, it has a pretty gorgeous style and the setup of it is pretty neat.
said Nov 8, 2012
Yea I think I went too realistic and tied my self into creating a rather bland (as far as what you CAN create goes) level. I'll not bother so much with the story next time and just go for it.

I'm never going to be interested in any% runs I'm afraid though, all my maps will be 45 seconds max and you have a specific speed route, that's what I enjoy the most.

Thanks for the feedback though!
said Nov 8, 2012
You can still reach the end with a long heavy from Dustman.
said Nov 9, 2012
Oh! My bad then.
said Nov 8, 2012
i thought it looked neat!  but was pretty short and kinda simple.  i didn't really like that you couldn't see the top of the dust chute from the block you jump up to, so you had to memorize or guess - i think it's probably important to convey that information to the player (should theoretically be able to SS on the first playthrough, without guessing), and i would be a little bit careful with foreground elements (i would try to avoid laying dust where the separations of the windows are, notably), but other than that, was probably fine.

the speed run tag confuses me a little bit too because as far as i can tell there's not that much of a speed run option.

also, there are sublayers within the layers, and for the tile layer whatever you apply last by default goes to the front - things like glass look more natural i think if you put them on before their surroundings (at the end - put the brick on the stage after the glass to let the bottom of the glass nestle in the brick, rather than just suddenly existing)
said Nov 8, 2012
Yea fair point about the chute, I will make sure not to do that again.

I view a speed run and just trying to get the fastest possible time, what is not a speed run about it, literally the only thing to do is compete on time?

Cheers for the feedback though!
said Nov 8, 2012
well, that's kind of sweeping, since effectively the goal of every dustforce level is to complete it in the fastest possible time.  i think speedrun specifically implies any% run in the context of dustforce, and a speedrun tag should probably imply that there's an any% route which is significantly different from the main route.
said Jun 26, 2023
Your levels are a real gem. A big thank you!

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