10 Second Cleaner

by Spiraler
created Sep 16, 2021
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map notes
This map is based on the game 10 second ninja. In that game you play as a ninja killing robots with the catch that each level must be completed in under 10 seconds, and in this level it's basically that. There are 5 sections, and in each the 10 second timer doesn't start until you leave the purple area, and your combo timer won't count down while that timer is paused.

Dust spread is disabled. Heavy those prisms to your heart's content. Spike jumps are required (at least in the intended routes) in some sections so be ready for that.

Thanks to jdude and skyhawk for a lot of scripting help.


said Sep 16, 2021
this was fun, i'd like to see another done with some harder sections someday.
said Sep 28, 2021
thanks! the script is relatively simple to apply to other levels, I might need to comment my code better (and probably put it up on github or something) so others could use it for their own levels. if you see this and are interested dm me on discord.
said Sep 16, 2021
really cool
said Sep 17, 2021
I think you are now able to say you are a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYodWEKCuGg
said Sep 17, 2021
I love this map. Very fun concept. Like Temp said a little bit harder would be more fun for routing purposes.

Miles approved!

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