by BigDiesel
created Jul 25, 2021
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map notes
This is my map for the first Custom Map Jam, where participants had 24 hours to make a map based on the theme "Volcano"!

Once I heard the theme, I pretty quickly decided that I wanted to avoid making a map with lots of lava in it, since there would be plenty of other maps exploring that concept. I chose to go for a map based in the ruins of Pompeii, with everything covered in ash. It was fun (but difficult) trying to get a sort of Roman aesthetic out of the Dustforce block palette; the pillars did a lot of work but it was tough trying to make arches where I wanted them.

In the end, the map ended up being fairly short, but I'm happy with how it turned out given the time limit and theme. I didn't budget my time super well within those 24 hours, but it was a lot of fun working on the map here and there over the course of the day. It was also a blast playing through all the different levels with the rest of the participants, and I was really impressed by some of the levels people managed to whip up in such short time!

Big shoutout to Zaandaa for organizing this event and putting together the nexus. The work he does for this community is really incredible and the event turned out great!
edited Oct 15, 2021

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said Jul 26, 2021
i liked the aesthetic of this one

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