Apple Duster

by DrPhineas
created Oct 30, 2012
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map notes
Short little downward s-shaped map with more focus on the platforming and less on the dust as there is only dust at the very end.  Dustworth and Dustkid are kinda op in this level though.  There is the obvious route, and then there is one other route that I tried to make as unassuming as possible until you come across the exit points in the main route.


Gulpy Blinkeyes
said Oct 30, 2012
Neat map!  I like the idea of making it more focused on the platforming than the dust, but it might have been good to add just couple spots of dust along the main route, even if they were impossible to miss.  As it is, there's no difference between an SS and an any% run, so once you find the cool little shortcuts, there's not much reason to experience the rest of the level (which is a shame, since there's a lot of fun stuff in there!).
said Oct 30, 2012
Yeah.  If you want to make a pure platforming type level, either no shortcuts or just use dust so minimalistically that it's impossible to miss.  Which gives the added bonus of making speed a top priority.

Also, if Marksel taught me anything, it's that sometimes you just gotta be a spikejumping motherfucker.
said Oct 31, 2012
Not sure if flattered or offended.
said Nov 1, 2012
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to you, the game is even better. Thank you so much!

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