Safeout 2

by jdude0822
created Apr 27, 2021
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map notes
This is an improvement on the original map, Safeout by Angrevol:

please play the original map first to understand why the following changes needed to be made:

1. The original was not safe enough. Updates have been made to adjust the safeness
2. There was a stray brick to the right of the end that isn't in the original Hideout (???? was he even trying?)
3. Map stealing technology has improved over the past 7 years, so I have taken the initiative to update the older map by using the power of the future.
4. The original map was not published to my atlas account so i could reap the benefits. This will be fixed by this update.

In order to address all four of these issues listed above, I have created Safeout 2. Feedback on the improvements is welcome.

Thanks to Spiraler for help
edited Apr 27, 2021


said Apr 27, 2021
feels like an antihoon map
said Apr 27, 2021
The spikes in this map were incredibly safe.  I stood on them and nothing happened.

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