by cursedpanda
created Oct 24, 2012
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map notes
An easy map by a bad player, just wanted to test out the map editor and create something that could potentially help newer players towards the ss-ing of a map or two :)


said Oct 24, 2012
Eh? Uh... Oh!

All of those props at the beginning made my game lag, but otherwise it was a neat (though a bit bare) little map.
said Oct 24, 2012
Agreed, though it would be nice if there were kill boxes for if (when) you fall off of the surfaces.  Having to restart the map manually gets tedious.
said Oct 24, 2012
Ih?  It's a good thing I'm so good at this game that I never fall off of any level EVER!
said Oct 24, 2012
Clearly playtested and flows decently, but yes, you need killboxes and the clouds at the start lag a little.
Gulpy Blinkeyes
said Oct 25, 2012
A little barebones, but I enjoyed it.  Nice little any% route.
said Oct 26, 2012
Thanks for the comments, the props at the start weren't lagging for me at all as I was testing it and I was trying to add a neat little effect for the background. The map was actually just made for practise on both making it, as well as improving different kinds of jumps.
I might be making another one somewhere upcoming week, but I'll keep in mind NOT to use the props like a brush in photoshop =P
said Nov 1, 2012
Thank you for inspiring my 10 minute map
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to you, I am discovering new mysteries in the game. Thank you so much!

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