Rain City

by madmaxgee
created Feb 20, 2021
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rain city

map notes
It was really fun making this one, hope you enjoy!


said Feb 21, 2021
I really liked the visuals on this one.  The brown dust in the later half of the level was pretty hard to see (the leaves would've been a better choice, IMO) but it was placed well enough that it wasn't too hard to still pick up.  Nice work <3
said Feb 21, 2021
Great map! This was a really good change of pace from the maps we've been having on atlas. I enjoyed the longer-style map. I had some clairty issues between the background layers and layer 19. Mostly in the city section when both layer and 19 and background layers were the concrete tile. I also found the combat room on the first half of the level a little awkwad to deal with and im still unclear if what I did was the intended strats.Overall it was really nice to have a "real" (in the sense of a non-virtual level with various gameplay aspects) level. Thanks!

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