A Hazy Morning

by hgt
created Feb 5, 2021
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easy boost city

map notes
I think I would consider this one of my better maps.


said Feb 5, 2021
Some sections felt really awkward, usually how the slant intersects with the ground. Also turkey placement was a little bit awkward and caused dustspread issues in a few places
said Feb 5, 2021
yeah, I think I could have set up some cues to how to actually hit those turkeys. Its kinda specific but I tried to make trial and error the focus so that people could find the optimal pathing. Once you figure it out I think it starts to feel nice though. Thanks Miles!
said Feb 6, 2021
Usually don't comment, but I gave you a few advises in twitch I believe, so figured I'd give my thoughts.

A lot of things felt pretty awkward at first, though, after a few runs it does play pretty well! You lost a lot of momentum that you built up. Try make use of the momentum that you gain. Try avoid putting walls right after a big boost, it kinds disrupts the flow. Having more ground for a boost map can be a good thing as it adds more options. Keep in mind you can use different ways to gain momentum. I often use slants for ceilings / ground. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the dust on slant as it just made me confused at first, was unsure whether or not i need to hit the dust. It's a very minor thing.

Background looks pretty decent, nice colors. I would try to have a bit more variance in the material used. Like I said earlier, try have more ground / ceilings. It fills out the map a bit more. Looking at similar maps and see how they tackle this might be a good thing here! I usually try to use 5-7 layers when making a map, otherwise I feel like it's lacking depth.

It does its job, however, I would have liked a few more interest nodes and / or having the camera zoom out a bit for the boosts. Keep in mind that you want to see what's going to happen next a bit before it's on you! This was only an issue at two locations where you had bigger boosts.

Overall it's a decent map, keep it up! :)
said Feb 6, 2021
kinda hard to see but good map nice job

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