Blood Trail

by Alexspeedy
created Jan 14
152 views | 108 downloads

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map notes
Fun fact: I used to run Super Meat Boy any%!

This was such a blast to make, though I hadn't anticipated how difficult it would to be to design a level for two characters to play at once! Hopefully everything works correctly and nothing unloads when it shouldn't... (who knew it would be hard to juggle two characters in one level?)

Good luck to everyone racing in the CMR! Enjoy!
edited Jan 16


said Jan 16
Super fun map and sick concept!
said Jan 16
really neat liked it a lot.
said Jan 17
now we need a meatboy level where you are running from dustman
said Jan 18
Very fun! Really cool concept. The bonus was a little too hard for me with the amount of effort i was willing to put into it, but i really enjoyed it nonetheless

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