Tower Construction

by Marfinator
created Oct 16, 2012
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map notes
I made this short little map during the downtime between my classes thanks to the DRM free version of Dustforce. Overall this took about few weeks to finish since I would only work on it in about 10 minute bursts. I wanted to make a nice and easy map since I'm not too good with the keyboard as well.
retagged Nov 27, 2014


said Oct 16, 2012
This is neat! I love the style of it, it has an early morning crispness. It flows really well, too. One thing of note are the restrictive death zones, though - there's quite a few opportunities for cool any% runs, but those are inaccessible because there's death zones in the way.
said Oct 16, 2012
Fun but needs tweaking to be more speedrun friendly.
said Oct 16, 2012
Woo managed to cut 30s.  Map is pretty fun, I think I like your difficult/longer maps better.  Background is very nice as well.
said Oct 16, 2012
Very enjoyable.  Feels much more like a stroll through a park that many other maps and the design is nice.  Not distracting from the actual play at all.
said Mar 7, 2013
Short, easygoing, and interesting. Not the speediest of maps, but I loved the enemy ladder near the end (which I might add, is very well-spaced).
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks for creating levels that surprise me.

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