by BigDiesel
created Oct 30, 2020
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map notes
This map is a port of the Outer Wall map from Cave Story, complete with the eponymous Moonsong as the music. To make the map, I used Booster's Lab (a Cave Story editor) to look at the original map, then copied it over block by block to Dustforce. The dust and enemy locations aren't based on the original game; I placed those in a way I thought would be interesting and helpful for the climb.

For the music, I cut down an original ogg file of Moonsong to about 80 seconds long, then looped the last 61.44 seconds of it to match the original loop length. I used Audacity to cut and compress the song, but I think I probably should have compressed it a bit more to save on filesize. I used msg's music embed script to add the music to the map, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! :)

Big thanks to Skyhawk, msg555, and Alexspeedy for technical support with the scripting aspects of the map; they were all super helpful in helping me sort out the music stuff! Also a thanks to Miles and my brother for playtesting the map and helping on some of the dust and enemy placements. One last big shoutout to Skyhawk for organizing this CMR! It was a lot of fun and he did an awesome job running it!
edited Oct 7, 2022


said Oct 31, 2020
Music is good, cavestory is sick
said Nov 1, 2020
pretty fun map, was a lot longer then i expected lol.

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