by watforderic
created Oct 10, 2012
350 views | 721 downloads

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map notes
I orginally intended to make a really long map with different area's, Half way in i realised it would take longer than i predicted lol.

The map is still not finished there are obvious foregroud mistakes and undetailed area's, i'll hopefully finish it soon but for now im currently happy with a day's mapping. Oh yeah, i also named the area's after dusters i seen on the leaderboards and forums hope you guys dont mind but i'm bad at making up terms or names to use for anything.


said Oct 10, 2012
There were a few moments when I couldn't see where I was going, and one where the camera was way too big! But overall it's good. The flow is nice and it's a pretty map.
said Oct 10, 2012
Very nice, awesome details.
said Oct 10, 2012
After a mountain part there is infinite falling playing by dustkid, replayed a few times - the same.
said Oct 11, 2012
So far every time i got past the mountain the camera would stop following me and it'd seem like i was infinitely falling, kind of annoying :(
Also: there's a distinct lack of spikes to jump on in my area! =O
It seemed like a cool map though.
said Oct 11, 2012
Thanks for giving the map a go but yeah think it needs a lot of work done. I thought i put a detatch camera when you jump off the mountain ledge but for some reason it seemed to not have saved :/  .
C. Cleveland
said Oct 11, 2012
nice map. it is freaking long tho. i like the detail and whole theme of it. and the camera definitely needs work. at a lot of points i couldnt see what was next. im looking forward to more maps that look like this.
said Oct 11, 2012
When I saw my name i was like "Whaaaaaaaa" XD. I really like creative aesthetics in dustforce maps, and your level was full of them, including the floating objects from your last map.
said Oct 11, 2012
Oh dang this is pretty.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks to you, the game becomes even more addictive. Thanks a lot!

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