by eponnn
created Sep 5, 2020
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map notes
Thanks Alex, C, Skyhawk and Jdude for the amazing scripts you have made for me and the community this map wouldn't be possible without them. Also Jdude, C and Miles for testing!

It was really a journey making this map, sometimes made me wanna quit Dustforce, i gave up on the secrets, then redone everything at the last day. Even the checkpoints are bugged on this map no idea why, i deleted all CPs from the ss route because of that, it's a pretty easy map anyway, hopefully not so annoying to play without CPs.

You can solve all the secrets from clues on the map for apple SS
edited Sep 5, 2020

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said Sep 12, 2020
This map was fantastic.  So much attention to detail everywhere.  I feel like its safe to say, this is the best dustforce water has ever looked.  I love the pixie dust sort of look you were going for, it looked super cool!

The gameplay was easy and short.  I didn't have a huge complaint about anything on that front.  The secret areas around the map were fun to look around for, though some were spoiled of course from when I tested the map.  I don't want to spoil anything here in case someone hasn't gone and explored yet, but you should at least know the sound design and secret in general were great.  Super glad you made the map.

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