Acropark 349

by C
created Aug 23, 2020
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said Aug 23, 2020
is there some big secret to the apples or is it just there to be cryptic
said Aug 24, 2020
Nothing big, but it does mean something.
said Aug 23, 2020
i like :)
said Aug 23, 2020
350 when?
said Sep 12, 2020
Really cool map.  I think everyone is always excited when they see something posted by you.  The visuals for the map are so good.  The particles along with the outlines on the lanterns makes them look so good.  All the secret areas are really cool looking too.  The gameplay is pretty solid.   I had some trouble with the section where you had to light the porcupine while keeping your boost.  I can't tell if it was just too hard compared to the rest of the level or if I was just being bad. Most people didn't seem to mind it so it is likely the latter of those two things.  Camera worked pretty well, no real complaints in that respect.

The secret was really cool.  I really liked the warp to the bottom of the cliff and the interaction with the NPC. Stuff like that in maps just makes them feel more alive.  A letter scavenger hunt that rewards you with super cool art at each letter is honestly a really good secret.  If people haven't gone and found the apples on their own, I would highly recommend doing so because it is pretty fun.

Anyway, again, its nice to see you back making stuff.
said Sep 18, 2020
not bad kid, you got potential

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