Distant Civilization

by TwinkieSWF
created Aug 1, 2020
431 views | 407 downloads

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map notes
This is the first map I made in a very long time. I'm not really familiar with all the new Dustmod tools but I did my best. I tried to make a map that stands out gameplay-wise, finding new ways to play using the new physics. There are two secrets in the map, one being an apple secret, and another being a secret moon walk.
edited Aug 1, 2020


said Aug 1, 2020
Honestly I thought this map was pretty awesome.  But you're making the go fast crowd go slow! hahaha.  I wouldnt take the rating to heart
said Aug 4, 2020
I do think this map is pretty cool once you know what you are wanting to do.  I think the main issue is that the penalty for making a mistake is somewhat larger than usual on this map due to how long it takes to get through the start of the map again.  

Overall I think it was an interesting idea, and I understand the design decisions made.  Once I got the hang of it it was pretty interesting to figure out, but I understand why people would be so frustrated during a race.  

Visually the map looks fantastic.  I was impressed how nice you were able to make grey rubble look, because it indeed looks really cool.  The background was really colorful and gave a really "alien" vibe which I also liked.  The gravity cannon, satellite, and meteors all looked so good.  So glad to have another Twinkie map after so long, really missed playing them.

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